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Ethereum ( ETH )

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Ethereum ( ETH )

Ethereum is the most popular digital currency in the world that comes just after Bitcoin. Ethereum has its own virtual system. This one is known as EVM or Ethereum virtual machine. It came into existence in the year 2015. The founders of this superior cryptocurrency targeted to capture the whole cryptocurrency network. So they came up with 72 million premixed coins.

Ethereum uses its two very own smart contact technologies which allow users to create smart contacts of their own. Now the new users can use it effortlessly. In November 2017 Ethereum's hardworking engineers introduced a system. This one is known as Ethereum 2. Ethereum 2 allows users to save their savings on the storage.

Along with that, they can save their membership proof as "Merkle proofs." Ethereum is making it more reliable and centralized to its users. So Ethereum is an excellent choice to invest in cryptocurrency networking in 2019.