What is NEO, Comprehensive Guide?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Cryptocurrency is having encryption techniques which regulate the generation of units of currency, verifies the transfer of funds and operating independently through a central bank. The personal wealth which is beyond restriction and confiscation is being provided with an outlet through decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is a technology of an open functioning of decentralized ledger which effectively keeps track of transactions between two parties in a permanent and verifiable way. Blockchain technology functions with the uses of distributed databases and cryptography to record transactions. NEO

NEO is a nonprofit community driven blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets. NEO manage digital assets automatically using smart contracts. NEO was launched in 2014, formerly known as Antshares.

The main aim of NEO is to distribute network for the smart economy with the help of the following three components:

• Digital Assets exists in binary format and with the right to use. The blockchain, technology is far safer to own digital assets as it digitized the assets decentralized, safe, trustworthy and free of a third party. There are two types of digital

• Global Assets are recognised by the whole system and can be identified by smart contacts and customers.

• Contact Assets are only recognised by specific contacts

• Digital Identity in NEO is the most widely accepted digital certificate because of X.509 digital standard operated through Public Key Infrastructure. NEO is maintaining identification through uses of

• Finger Prints, Facial Features, Voice, SMS and other multi factor methods.

• Smart Contacts are automated contracts by self-executing specific instructions written on its code.

NEO functions through two token with transaction fees, the tokens are, NEO formerly known as Ant shares (ANS) representing the ownership of NEO blockchain and GAS formerly known as Altcoins (ANC) gives right to use NEO blockchain.

NEO is peer to peer trustless exchange of digital assets. NEO matches buyer and sellers of digital assets and currency without the need of third party exchange.

From the above, you can very well consider that NEO cryptocurrency is relatively easy to use than other cryptocurrencies. NEO cryptocurrency you need to buy as an investment taking every precaution to protect them from scams and associated cryptocurrency trading risks.


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