What is TRON, Comprehensive Guide?

TRON is a blockchain is a technology sharing platform for the transformation of the global entertainment industry. TRON is a brand of Tronix cryptocurrency (TRX) was founded by Tron Foundation in 2017. TRON blockchain allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content and it is for smart contracts and decentralized functioning. TRON also allows users to create content, websites and applications without surrendering control and ignoring reliance on centralised services. TRON is using the modern network with peer to peer power, thus allowing creators to connect directly with the clients without allowing any middlemen.

Tronix cryptocurrency (TRX) is the token for TRON network. TRX is the basic currency to be used in a platform of exchange. TRON is launching their own currency on the TRON protocol by decentralized applications (dApps) creators and TRX is acting as a medium of exchange for all the currencies created on the platform.

TRON Power is by locking the TRX tokens of the customers away for an extended period of time. The longer TRON customer hold onto their TRX tokens, they will have more TRON Power.

TRON functioned through three-layered architectures with a platform splitting into storage layer, core layer and application layer. They function like

• Storage layer distributed storage protocol that consists of block and state storage. It uses a graph database designed to allow for fast processing and easy updates.

• Core layer hosts several modules, including smart contracts, account management and consensus. A core layer is a virtual machine for running smart contracts.

• The application layer can create and deploy dApps on this layer. The application layer also customizes and issue own tokens.

It's roadmap for further advancement through the following:

• To launch Odyssey 2.0 with its proof-of-stake algorithm.

• To improve network capacity TRON aims to achieve the capacity for 10,000 transactions per second by the end of the year.

• Reduction of transaction fees for TRX will be reduced to zero.

• To launch of token wallet and blockchain browser to increase functionality and security for TRX holders.

• To launch of Great Voyage 1.0 update by 2020, this update will enable communication across different block chains.

TRON has the biggest risk factor is uncertainty. Until the main net goes live, it is difficult to guarantee for TRON to deliver on its promised potential, it would be difficult for the platform to achieve widespread adoption.


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