About Us

Bartwallet PRO is a global exchange platform offering crypto asset management and transaction services.
Our vision is to accelerate the global transition to crypto assets and to open access to financial opportunities and global trade.

Bartwallet PRO is a trusted platform where consumers can trade with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many others. We're based in France and our team is made up of several nationalities who are not only excellent in their field but who are also passionate about achieving our mission.
We only serve European countries but we are in the process of expanding our activities to most other countries in the world.

The mission of Bartwallet PRO is to put the future of money in the pockets of the world. We have deployed in the crypto-asset market a series of regulated stable coins such as the Euro Exchange (EURX), the Pound Exchange (PNDX) and the Dollar Exchange (USDZ), fully guaranteed 1-for-1 and redeemable, which are held in a trust account and supervised by trusted third party consultant. We want to completely change the way money circulates in the world and we’re on the cutting edge. Our stable coins are decentralised cryptocurrencies without volatility, borderless, secure and transparent.