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Huobi Token is a blockchain-powered loyalty point system on Huobi exchange. It is the only token that Huobi officially launched. HT supports Huobi Global business and all products, such as VIP discount, HT exclusive events, trading against popular coins and "let your voice be heard".

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7 months ago

Huobi Token Review

Now, after the communication with @Hitbtc's support, I can officially claim that it's support is one of the best amoung crypto exchanges' customer services. I also tried Binance, Bittrex and Huobi ones.

  • Huobi token is on 57° capitalization position in the market
  • Huobi Token is being traded in several exchanges
  • Available your negotiation in different exchanges.
  • Huobi Global Ecological Token.
  • Declining interest in the Asian exchange Huobi