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IOTA is an open-source distributed cryptocurrency focused on providing secure communications and payments between machines on the Internet of Things. Using directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology instead of the traditional blockchain, IOTA's transactions are free regardless of the size of the transaction.

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7 months ago

IOTA Decentralized Blockchain Network

IOTA is a totally decentralized blockchain network, iota is a best coin for hold, OTA developers are always active

  • IOTA is already being used in certain places
  • IOTA enables a data marketplace where everyone can access and sell data even with very small amount of money and low-specs computers
  • As it takes nothing to send IOTA within this network, it is possible to transact any amount from the biggest to most little one
  • IOTA wallet does not support low PC req
  • IOTA is facing too much criticisms