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Revain is a new-generation feedback platform, based on the blockchain technology that doesn't allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get rewards for creating them!

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7 months ago

Revain Review

A trusted project with a hard working team...This project will bullish in future but be patient because every project needs time to go to peak level.I recommend it to join because it is having the ability to to give profit in future.I must say to crypto currency investors to invest in the project as it will definitely be beneficial.

  • They release new functionality frequently and fast
  • The team is responsive in case there are questions
  • The coin is stable for a decent amount of time already
  • Need more exposure
  • Need more exchanges

7 months ago

Reviews about Revain

This is an innovative project with depth of investment. Coins with Blockchain-based evaluation platform with many advantages are great concepts, features about revain to help users better understand. With the rapid development of the market this is a good coin of the future, reliable. This project promises many investors to participate in making a profit, because the coin is really good.

  • Free account for readers and authors
  • Rvn token always price be like 1$
  • easy and simple for newbie, interesting and promising
  • Never paid rvn as said
  • Need marketing and need to be spread