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BitMax is the new innovative crypto digital asset exchange. Bitmax is renowned as one of the world's largest independent digital supply chain providers. The storage and delivery platform is responsible for the distribution of thousands of films, TV shows and more music videos than any other company on the planet.

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7 months ago

BitMax is the new innovative exchange.

Bitmax is in top 30 cryptocurrency exchange there, so cryptocurrencies available with almost all cryptocurrencies are listed, BTMX native token of bitmax have many use cases such as it will use for fee decrement, daily incentive reward, exchange fees also get to btmx holders.

Pros & Cons
  • It has a high number of pairs listed.
  • Currently has a mobile application.
  • Easy to use .
  • Only have dark interface need to be a lite version
  • Bitmax provides a low margin for alts and only provides excellent for big